What is Light Language?

Light Language is an energy healing modality that works with sound and light frequencies to balance your energetic field also known as the subtle body. It can assist with releasing blocks and reduce stress and anxiety on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level. For those ready to receive, it can facilitate powerful transformational experiences.

It is a language of energy and carries information that can help you heal at a subconscious level. It bypasses your logical brain, therefore clearing issues and negative energy that you may not consciously realize you are holding on to. Your higher self accepts the transmission and directs the healing based on your highest good. Aspects of the healing can be directed and amplified by intentions set by the client and healer.

It is a quantum, multidimensional and non-linear language so there is often no direct translation of the words that Denise speaks. An understanding of the meaning and intention of the transmission is gleaned from emotional responses, physical sensations and intuitive images and messages perceived by both the giver and receiver. Sessions with Denise include spoken, signed and  written transmissions.

Light Language Sessions take place via video call or in studio. Denise will work with you to set your healing intention and then provide you with a light language transmission. A written transmission is also included with each session. The 20 minute sessions are ideal for a pre-recorded transmission.

30 Minute Session: $50
20 Minute Session: $30

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