Wellness & Psychic Fair

Nurturing the Mind, Body & Spirit
Featuring Energy Healers, Psychic Mediums, Wellness Practitioners & Holistic Vendors

The Subtle Shift is hosting its Holistic Wellness and Psychic Fair  on Saturday, February 17th in Bobcaygeon, Ontario.
Join us for some insight, self discovery and self care with our mystics, holistic wellness practitioners and magical vendors.

Saturday, February 17th, 2024
10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
The Boyd Museum, Trent Valley Venue
21 Canal Street East, Bobcaygeon
Admission is Free.
This event will be part of FrostFest taking place over Family Day Weekend 2024.

Who Will Be There

Our Wellness Practitioners

Denise Benning, The Subtle Shift
Energy Healing, Light Language,
Angels, Oracle Cards & Soul Journeys
THREE Wellness Products

Kathleen Potter Designs & Space Planning
Feng Shui, Space Planning with Intuitive Messages

Kaity Horwood
Reiki & Soul Healing

Rachelle Carrier, Yoga Mojo
Yoga, Reiki & Spiritual Coaching

Matt McIsaac, Alchemized Healing
Biofield Tuning & Reiki

Bowen Therapy, Indian Head Massage (Champissage)
Our Mystics

6th SensAbilities with Sabrina Campbell

Psychic Readings & Animal Communication

Rick & Laurie, Spirit Whisper Group
Psychic Mediumship, Oracle Card Readings & Dowsing

Laura Ostler, Spirit Whisper Group
Psychic Mediumship & Oracle Card Reading

Julie Hayes, Spirit Whisper Group
Psychic Mediumship & Oracle Card Reading

Milana The Healer
Tarot, Oracle & Angel Card Readings
Spiritual Coaching, Energy Healing

Bonnie Ross, Divine Light Within
Psychic Mediumship

Amanda McCormick, Journey2soulful
Intuitive Guidance & Mediumship


Our Holistic Vendors

Cedar Dance Designs
Healing Crystals

Space Between Spaces
Wire Wrapped Gemstone Jewelry

Kate Reid
Art Prints & Paintings

Gaura Beauty Company
High Vibrational & Reiki Infused
Handmade Bath & Beauty Products

Biljana Webb, Whirling Wisdom Art Creations
At SpiralGate of Art & Wellbeing
Visionary, Certified Lead Artist Educator,
Intuitive Sound Healing Medicine & Ceremony

Michelle and Beth with CTFO 
Revolutionary Health & Wellness Products
Nano Emulsion Mysts & High Bioavailability Supplements

Past Event Photos