The Journey of Relationship

Relationship is not meant to stay stagnant and rigid. It is all about the energy of flow and growth and change. Sometimes one partner changes in profound ways that can shake the foundation of the relationship. If that change is the awakening to soul purpose it is always for the highest good. However if the other is not ready to accept that change, things can fall apart. 

A key factor is how the change manifests itself. Is the person taking the higher path of grace and ease or does it seem self destructive by those watching from the outside? We must remember that some people need to take the hard path for the soul to truly learn and evolve as it planned. 

For each in the relationship it is important to take ownership of their personal experience and perspective. How does this affect my personal growth and is it also leading me to a path of awakening to a greater purpose? Are you able to step back from the pain and grief of endings and find the gifts and wisdom within the experience? This is not easy and takes time, patience and self love. It cannot become about the other, only about the self. 

Some relationships that seemed like they were meant to be turn out to have an end date, often to the surprise of everyone involved. Others are meant to be challenged only to come back stronger than ever. By surrendering to the journey, our souls will be led to the conclusion that is meant for both partners’ highest good. 

It is a very multilayered journey with intense highs and lows so love yourself along the way, always head toward the light and trust that your soul has your back.

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