Sovereignty & Freedom

There is so much chatter about freedom in the social media collective right now. It is fascinating to me to see this concept become so polarized. Collectively, we seem to have decided that one form of freedom is better than the other and that only one definition and version of freedom is worth fighting for. Freedom and sovereignty is multilayered and diverse. It has different meanings and degrees based on the framework it is being defined within. There is enough room in our hearts to support many different aspects of freedom simultaneously and we need to be careful not to dismiss the importance of one group’s freedom because we feel another’s is more important. Sovereignty is a universal truth for all that is to be honoured and respected within ourselves and others.

From an energetic and soul perspective, sovereignty is when you have the freedom to be who you have always been meant to be. No constraints. A place of neutrality, a place of truth at the deepest level. You have free will and you have choice. A lack of sovereignty is when we follow the rules without thought and out of habit. We give away our power to others and we forget to ask, “How does this affect me?” Our truth is clouded when we are surrounded by the energy of fear, divisiveness and confusion.

Some consider the idea of sovereignty to be selfish. But it is not. It is actually the most abundant and compassionate place that you can stand. If you are secure in your sovereignty, you are able to step forth and help others as the best version of yourself. In sovereignty, fear does not exist. It is a place of security and safety. It is a place of knowing that all is well within you and knowing that you can speak your truth without persecution, mockery, violence, constraint, and control.

Sovereignty is the allowance of the energy of truth to flow through you. It is a knowing deep within you that says this is my truth and what I am witnessing outside of myself is not. Some people will tell you that your truth is not theirs and that should be okay. Since true sovereignty comes from a place of love, we can make choices that are positive for both ourselves and the collective. Within true sovereignty we do no harm.

The challenge right now is that it can be very difficult to have different perspectives. The powers that be have decided on a specific narrative and it is framed in fear. What is needed is love, compassion, understanding and unity. Truth + Love = Sovereignty. You can be sovereign and you can serve the greater good. You can be the Light. You can be the Truth. Together we can turn the fear upside down and back into Love.

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