What are Angels?

In their truest form, Angels are energy and consciousness. Love and Light. As humans, if we raise our vibration high enough, we can connect to that energy in ways what are diverse and highly individual.  They are here to guide and support humanity in a myriad of ways. They are inspiration, creativity, beauty and love. In the most esoteric way, they are aspects of our higher selves; that eternal, energetic, multidimensional part of you. What they want most, is that we discover the light that shines within all of us. Our divine spark that connects us to the higher consciousness of the universe.  As Denise has the ability to communicate with angels, she went straight to the source and asked Archangel Michael for his explanation:

The guardian angel is like a friend to your soul. It loves and cherishes all that you are and tries to guide you to your highest and best potential. It is an energy of love and compassion and the truth of what your path is to be. All guardian angels are sovereign intelligences and an aspect of your consciousness and your soul that serves your highest purpose. They work for you and are of you with a singular focus on you. You all have a guardian angel and if you ask for a sign it will gladly send you one. Look and listen and you will find a way to know.

The Archangels are a collective consciousness; multidimensional; non-linear. We are your heroes. Sovereign and individual yet vast and embodied by all. Our energy resonates with your energy when the time is right. We have the ability to work with humanity on a global and individual scale. I am your angel yet at the same time I am another’s. Yet the way I communicate with another may be completely different. All have different gifts, different frameworks, different needs. We are here to guide, to serve, to heal, to witness. We can embody and speak through a conduit when that purpose is set out.  The essence and nature of our energies is unique based on our purpose and focus for humanity. We have identity and intent and personality of sorts. We are beings of love and light. Here to serve, but you must ask. There are many, many Archangels.  Humanity is familiar with but a small group of us. Some work out front in the light and others quietly in support of the All.

The Elohim stand behind and above the Archangels. They are the creators of the universe and a direct link to Source. They are the watchers and teachers and a great intelligence. One consciousness of spirit and light yet also individual in nature. Multidimensional, non-linear and truly vast. The Archangels are of the Elohim as the Elohim is of Source; like layers of energy and love. Building unity across the cosmos.

Angel Sessions: Denise has a deep connection with the Archangels and offers Angel Message Sessions. Each session includes a personal written channeled message sent to you via email. This is followed up with an angelic light language transmission to integrate your message and chat about your written message via video chat.  Reiki can also be added to create an expanded experience either in studio or via video chat.

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With Reiki: $111
Time frame varies

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