Private Group Experiences

Looking for a unique experience for a gathering or special event? We offer a range of private options for any occasion. Perfect for friends, family, bridal party, retreat, staff wellness program or community event. We can also host a group at our beautiful property, Ravenswood.

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is ceremonial chocolate served as a warm beverage.  When shared with intention, it can be very nourishing for the body and soul and can assist in coming out of your head and into your heart. It helps your body & mind become more receptive and open to all forms of meditation, connection and creativity. It is not psychoactive in any way. and safe for everyone.

A Cacao Ceremony is a gathering where the cacao is shared as a group with the intention to foster a deeper connection to themselves and others. It can be a very healing experience where we are asked “What does your heart want you to know?”  The energy shared during the ceremony  assists with self discovery, communication, emotional release and introspection. It activates self love, creative inspiration and connection to your authentic self. It is also a beautiful way to connect with friends, signifiant others and community.

As the facilitator, Denise creates a sacred space with the group and then guides them through various exercises based on the intention of the event. These intentions can be customized based on what you wish to accomplish or heal through the experience. Exercises typically include guided meditation, light language,  group discussion and further discovery through oracle cards. The focus can be customized to suit the intentions and goals of the group.

Ceremonies typically last 1.5 hours but can vary depending on the size of the group.
Costs vary based on location and size of the group.  Contact us for more information or to book.

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Energetic Wellness Sessions

Reiki & Light Language

Looking for a wellness experience for your next gathering or event? Treat yourself and guests to a Subtle Shift Energy Session of reiki and light language. This unique combination of modalities helps release stress and anxiety, calms the mind and provides relaxation and restoration.

Each guests receives an individual session. Length of sessions can be customized based on group size, time available and budget.  Contact us for more information or to book.


  • Group Guided Mediation
  • Oracle Card Reading

Learn more about reiki and light language

Mystic Parties

We can create customized psychic reading and intuitive experiences for your next gathering or retreat.  Denise and her mystical friends can put together an event that best meets your needs. Options include individual and / or group readings, guided meditation, sacred circles, instruction on how to use oracle and tarot cards personally, and more. There are so many possibilities!

Prices are based on content and the number of guests. Contact us to discuss your ideas and book an experience.

Sacred Sound Journey

Sound Bath with Light Language

This offering is a collaboration between Denise Benning of The Subtle Shift and Lanna Marie of My Sacred Earth – Healing with Divine Guidance.  The combination of Denise’s Light Language and Lanna Marie’s Sacred Sound Bath creates a unique and powerful experience.

Lanna Marie intuitively provides the sacred vibrations of gentle soothing sounds to help deepen your state of relaxation and meditation. You will experience the vibrations of crystal and Himalayan singing bowls, tingshas, gong, Buffalo and Spirit drums, rattles, chimes, and sounds of nature, all working together to calm and rebalance your nervous system as the musical tones bathe you in a restorative blanket of sacred sound.  Denise will weave her healing light language of sound and frequency into the sound bath to sooth your soul and balance your energetic field.

Following the sound bath, Denise and Lanna will together use their mediumship abilities to deliver communication from Spirit or the Angelic realm to the group. Each attendee will have an oracle card drawn for them and its message expanded upon through our connection with Spirit or the Angels to help bring insight, healing, and guidance.

Length of Time: 2 to 2.5 hrs depending on size of group
Costs vary based on group size and location. Contact us for more details.