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Denise specializes in light language, reiki, angel communication and intuitive services. Her goal is to use these gifts to create a session that will empower you to find healing within yourself and set you on the path to finding your authentic truth. Everyone’s healing journey is unique and we will work together to provide you with exactly what you need.

Sessions available in studio or at distance. The Subtle Shift healing cabin in the woods has beautiful energy and creates a very special experience.

New: Overnight accommodations are now available

What do we offer?

Subtle Shift Energy Session

with Reiki & Light Language

A Subtle Shift Energy Session brings together all of Denise’s gifts to create a healing session that will flow intuitively in a way that is ideal for you. It includes a combination of reiki, light language and channeled messages. Healing intentions are discussed and the session can be customized to best meet your needs and expectations. Sessions take place in studio or at a distance. Mobile sessions are also available if your location allows.

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Angel Message Energy Session

with Reiki & Light Language

Denise has a deep connection with the Archangels and offers Angel Message Sessions. Each session includes a personal written channeled message from the Archangel working with you at this time. The written channel is sent to you via email and then followed up with an angelic light language reiki session to integrate your message. We can also chat about your angel message at this time. The session can be done in studio or at a distance.

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Angel Message & Light Language


Receive insight and healing through a message form the Archangel working with you at this time. This service includes a personal channeled message and Light Language transmissions in both written and spoken form. The transmission is recorded and all the files are sent along for you to enjoy privately on your own time. The recording acts as a personal angel meditation.

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Mobile & Group Sessions

If you are interested in an in person session but can’t travel to our location, Denise can come to you. Whether individually or with a group of friends, Denise is happy to create an unique energy and intuitive experience for any occasion.  Contact us to discuss ideas and what we have to offer. 


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Disclaimer: It is understood that Denise Benning is not a licensed physician. She practices alternative healing arts which are not licensed in any province. She does not diagnose disease or advise about medical protocol. It is recommended that all current medical treatments that have been prescribed by a medical doctor are continued. Energy healing will not interfere with medical treatment. The services to be provided are energetic and intuitive in nature. No guarantees of healing or life changes can be made. Energetic work may have a different effect on each person. Sometimes healing comes later when the client can accept it or in a form the client may not recognize.