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Reiki, Light Language, Angels & Multidimensionality

Welcome to the Subtle Shift, I am Denise. I would be honured to take you on a soul  journey and discover more about the multidimensionality of YOU.

I specialize in light language, reiki, angel messages, channeling and intuitive services. My goal is to use these gifts to create a session that will empower you to find healing within yourself and set you on the path to finding your authentic truth. Everyone’s healing journey is unique and we will work together to provide you with exactly what you need.

My  own spiritual awakening has been an intense journey of self-discovery as my gifts unfolded quickly and unexpectedly. I believe this provides me with a unique perspective on the awakening process and the experiences it can bring to one’s life. I have a deep connection to the Archangels and other conscious collectives of the universe who provide wisdom and guidance to the ascension process we are all experiencing.

Sessions available in studio or at distance. The Subtle Shift healing cabin in the woods has beautiful energy and creates a very special experience.

Customized Personal Retreats Available. Fully immerse yourself in the energy with an overnight stay and sessions.  Find out more here.

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Soul Journey Energy Session

with Reiki & Light Language

During this unique session, we embark on a journey with your soul through a blend of reiki, light language, and channeled messages. We connect with your soul’s wisdom to discover the healing and insights needed in the present moment. This may be a balancing and clearing of energies for restoration and stress relief or emotional and spiritual healing to address current challenges. It can be an awakening to new perspectives about the nature of your energetic self. Often, the journey leads to a connection with a past life or multidimensional aspect of you to facilitate the healing and integration of experiences resonating in your present life. Every session is unique and offers valuable insights and opportunities for self-discovery and empowerment. Allow the Soul Journey Energy Session to be your guide, unveiling the unique tapestry of your inner world and fostering a deeper connection with your authentic self.

This session takes place in our cozy healing cabin in the woods or online at at a distance for our clients worldwide. Mobile sessions are also available. If your location allows. Denise is happy to travel to you.


Denise is now offering a Soul Journey Energy Session for couples. This exclusive session takes place at our beautiful property in the heart of nature. Denise will intuitively tailor a personalized energy session to meet you and your partner’s needs, helping you deepen your connection on an energetic and soul level through a blend of reiki, light language, and channeled messages. This experience has the potential to foster a stronger bond, renewed harmony, and enhanced relationship synergy. Embrace this unique opportunity for transformative growth as a couple.


Embark on an exploration of your spiritual path with a Soul Journey coaching package, guided by the insightful wisdom and nurturing energy of Denise. Over a series of sessions, Denise will walk alongside you, offering unwavering support as you navigate the depths of your inner landscape. Book a packages of 3, 5 and 8 sessions for a savings compared to the single session price. As a bonus, packages include a free Archangel channelled writing which will be included in one of the sessions.

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Angel Sessions

with Light Language

Denise has a deep connection with the Archangels and offers 2 types of Angel Sessions.

Angelic Energy Session – In Person or Distance

In this session, Denise blends angelic channeling, reiki, and light language to build a connection between you and the Archangel working with you. The experience begins with a personalized, written channeled message from the Archangels, imparting their guidance and insights.  You will then receive an Angelic energy session that facilitates a powerful alignment with the Archangel associated with your journey and provides further insight and self discovery. Throughout the session, there is an opportunity to explore and discuss the written channelled message for a deeper understanding of the angelic guidance, allowing you to integrate these insights into your life. Embrace this unique session as a sacred space for connection, healing, and exploration of your spiritual path.

This session can take place in person at our cozy healing cabin in the woods or at a distance via video chat.

Recorded Angel Message & Light Language

This service includes a personal channeled message and Light Language transmissions in both written and spoken form. The transmission is recorded and all the files are sent along for you to enjoy privately on your own time. The recording acts as a personal angel meditation.

Learn more about Angels and these energy modalities.

Soul Discovery Session

Oracle Cards, Meditation & Light Language

The Soul Discovery Session is an opportunity for you to gain guidance and a deeper understanding of your soul’s journey. Denise utilizes oracle cards and her intuitive skills to bring through messages from your guides and angels about what your soul wants you to know. You will also experience a short meditation to connect with your higher self, and a light language transmission to integrate the information. Learn to trust the inner guidance of your soul with this unique and enlightening experience.

This session can take place in person at our lovely forested property, Ravenswood or at a distance via video chat.

If you wish to add a written channeled Archangel message to your session, you can do so upon booking.

30 Minute Oracle Card Reading

Introductory Session

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with Denise during this introductory session. Gain insight into your current life events with a 30-minute oracle card reading, where Denise skillfully taps into the energies shaping your journey. This session offers a gateway to understanding Denise’s services and provides a meaningful exploration of the unique aspects influencing your present experiences. This session can take place in person at our lovely forested property, Ravenswood or at a distance via video chat.

Private Group Experiences

Looking for a unique experience for a gathering or special event? We offer a range of private options for any occasion. Perfect for friends, family, bridal party, retreat, staff wellness program or community event. We can also host a group at our beautiful property, Ravenswood. Options include Sacred Sound Journeys, Energetic Wellness Sessions, Cacao Ceremonies and Mystic Parties.

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If you wish to inquire about a last minute booking on the same day, please call or text Denise directly at 416-710-3899.

Not sure where to start? I am happy to have a short discovery call to help.

Booking for a friend or loved one? Gift Certificates are available.

I am committed to assisting everyone who resonates with my services and I understand that sometimes financial constraints may be a concern.
I am open to exploring options to ensure my services are accessible to you. Contact me to discuss.

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Disclaimer: It is understood that Denise Benning is not a licensed physician. She practices alternative healing arts which are not licensed in any province. She does not diagnose disease or advise about medical protocol. It is recommended that all current medical treatments that have been prescribed by a medical doctor are continued. Energy healing will not interfere with medical treatment. The services to be provided are energetic and intuitive in nature. No guarantees of healing or life changes can be made. Energetic work may have a different effect on each person. Sometimes healing comes later when the client can accept it or in a form the client may not recognize.