October Winds

The Shift is in the wind
Change blowing through our lives
Like a bluster of dissonance
Truth flying in on angel’s wings 
To remind us not all is what it seems

Feel into the energy
What does it tell you?
Know that you know the Truth
Even if you can’t explain it

Light is revealing the shadows
It always wins
For dark cannot dampen the Light

The warm wind of October
Strange and unexpected
A welcome stranger in Autumn 
But we don’t know what to do with it

Is it welcome here?
To disrupt what we expect this time of year to be
Could it be a new perspective?
Come to shake up what we are told to believe is true
Can we listen to what it whispers to us?
And accept the invitation
To accept a new understanding
Of what is and what can be

Warm October wind
Brings storms
To shake us up
To wake us up

It says, “Look and listen with new ears
I may be unexpected but I am here and I am real
I bring a storm of Truth to wash away the fear
And pull away the cloak of lies and misinformation”

Stand in that storm and find your Truth
Don’t let others tell you what you know is wrong
You are Wayshower
The winds shall show you the way

The truth shall set us free
The truth is you and me

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