Kaleidoscope of Love

Recently in mediation, I started to see the energies of the angels I work with as a kaleidoscope. Colours and patterns of energy merging and spinning and wrapping around my energy. Moving in and out and intertwining with the awareness of me, the awareness of them. It is really beautiful.  And I began to think about it as a metaphor – the kaleidoscope of love. 

And how does that work?… Within the kaleidoscope, I am love and you are love. Merging and spinning, becoming one. Then pulling away into our own sovereign awareness and then merging back again as we become one to experience each other’s energy in new and beautiful ways. And isn’t that how we all relate? Finding understanding within each other, touching, moving, spinning, blending. And then once again, stepping back and looking at the world in our own special way, until we decide once again to share that energy, the colors of us, with someone we feel drawn to, someone we resonate with. And even if we bounce off one another, there is a swirl of color and we touch each other in some way. Positive or negative, there is an effect. 

And if the emotions are love, how beautiful, how expanding. We learn about each other, about the colors, and see how they change and evolve and blend into new colors, new awareness’s, and new understandings.  Moving and shifting, always evolving, always expanding, never standing still. Searching for just the right resonance, the right frequency to blend and come together. And sometimes it sticks and sometimes it doesn’t. And we pulse intertwined in a dance of love, of energy, of divinity, of wisdom, of truth. Round and round we go, in and out, up and down, perfectly imperfect. Symmetrical and mirrored in each other’s beauty, in each other’s shadow, in each other’s light. The great kaleidoscope of love.

But what is the lesson? I would say that within us there is beauty of many colors and many layers. And as we spin our light and our love into the universe, it touches and merges with the light and love of others. Sometimes, gently just touching at the edges and at other times fully encompassing us with a depth and a passion and a desire that knocks us out. But it is always moving, never static. Love should never be static. It shifts and moves and evolves and expands. Changing and blending into new perspectives, new vistas. Whether it be nuanced or right there in your face, all of it is beautiful, all of it.

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