Joan of Arc

Today is the Fall Equinox, a day when the hours of daylight and darkness are equal. In perfect balance. I found myself thinking about Joan of Arc today. The sovereign goddess and a powerful, wise and loving warrior. She is a beautiful balance of divine feminine and masculine energy. All the aspects coming together as one.

Joan calls to us now to stand tall, to speak our truth, no matter what that truth may be. Even if some are not ready to hear it. Now is the time for the divine feminine to rise and meet the divine masculine as equals. And it is happening. The Lightworkers can feel it, especially today on this particular Fall Equinox. We are here to clear the way for more to find their voice and embrace their power within.

True balance is to be in touch with both the divine masculine and feminine within us. There are times when one energy may be required over the other, but it always goes back to being in balance when we are awake and aligned within ourselves. To have nurturing and strength, protection and intuition, creativity and action, intellect and dreaming. All come together to create the individual in their own unique way, in their own unique energy signature. And all of those energy signatures come together to create a beautiful diverse, loving, whole in this universe.

There is such beauty in the diversity. Like a stained glass window reflecting and refracting the colors of light, the colors of each individual, to create a beautiful masterpiece – the Flower of Life. And within this whole you find a deeper understanding of the multiple facets of you. We are both artist and warrior spreading the message of truth and light.

Today Joan asks us to move forward in strength. Warriors of light and love. Artists creating, nurturing and birthing love. What a beautiful whole it creates. Such balance and alignment, standing tall in the Truth. Rooted in knowing all the aspects of who you are. Sovereign. Shining for all to see. Stand tall. Speak your truth. Now is the time.

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