Isis & Ha’Met Ka

Isis, the Divine Mother of Ancient Egypt, the Angel of Egypt. She is a magnificent energy and when I channel her she comes through with her wings unfurled in a rainbow of colour. Her rainbow wings shine the divine light of women into the cosmos, into our hearts, celebrating the glory of home, of God, of Source. Isis represents the divine feminine energy that is in all of us. When I connect to her energy she is feels so familiar and I find myself calling her Mother. 

One day in meditation she showed me why I feel such a connection. I was shown a soul remembrance where I was her priestess, a Daughter of Isis. She called me Ha’Met Ka. I was pleased to find validation when I looked up the term and discovered that it is the title of an Egyptian priestess who prepares the dead for the afterlife. Ha’Met Ka led the funeral processions and the head priestess dressed like Isis herself. She called me Dancer of Spirit, Keeper of Souls.

And what is the significance of Ha’Met Ka? It means body and spirit together as one, the body of the spirit. Ha’Met Ka takes us into the womb of creation, to that place where spirit meets body and not the other way around. Because spirit always comes first. It is in the merging of our spirit into the physical, as we enter lifetimes, that the beauty really begins. The profound learning that can happen when spirit meets body. And sometimes our spirit sleeps and we forget that part of us until we are ready to awaken to the truth of our divinity. As humanity begins a big shift in consciousness, so much more awakening has begun.  

One day we can look forward to a time when spirit meets body and the body does not forget, the body remembers. That’s a whole new reality for humanity, a whole new awareness. A time when we can step into the light right from the start. We hope it will happen with grace and ease for most. But it will be a bumpy road for some and that is where the way-showers and lightworkers come in. So that when spirit meets body, we can guide them to their Ascension. Ha’Met Ka. 

Close your eyes and tap into the light within you. That spark of the divine that travels the spiral of light and love straight into your divine heart. It lights you up with a knowing that cannot be ignored. This is happening for more and more as the portals of knowing and truth open. The lightworkers who stood in the sand, the sands of time, remember who they are. Now is the time to step forward and take the hands of those who are awakening. Hold space for them and shine your light. Hold them gently. Smile with a softness, with an energy that says, “It’s okay. Trust it. You are just remembering who you really are.” This can be done with love and a gentleness filled with grace. Place your hand on their heart. Place your hand on their head. Stand with them, empower them. Guide them. Show them their light. 

The awakening is like a sunrise on the horizon. Peeking and growing into a glorious star, a glorious sun shining down upon humanity. See Isis’ wings as the sunlight reflects in a rainbow of immeasurable colors. Each color representing an aspect of your soul. The diversity, the layers so deep, so vast, and with each refraction of light, a new color forms. That is your divinity. See it shine and sparkle like the dawn of that sunrise. Embrace it as the truth of you.

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