Goddess Within Retreat 8.10

Half Day Retreat
Saturday, August 10, 2024
10am to 2pm

The Subtle Shift @ Ravenswood
221 Edwina Drive, Bobcaygeon

$130 per person
E-Transfer preferred but credit card and PayPal available upon request.
or email Denise or Rachelle

Dive in with Denise and Rachelle for a powerful and transformative experience!. Find grace and flow as we unleash our untamed spirit to honour our sacred divine feminine. 

Embark on a transformative journey alongside Denise and Rachelle, as you awaken your inner goddess. This empowering experience is carefully crafted to guide you in connecting with your inner wisdom, strength, and grace, allowing you to access the profound and creative essence of the divine feminine. Engage in soul-nurturing activities and discover the harmonious flow that comes from embracing our untamed spirit during this enriching half-day women’s retreat.

What’s Included:

    • Sacred Rose Cacao Ceremony
    • Divine Feminine Yoga
    • Goddess Messages
    • Breath Work, Dance & Movement
    • Light Language & Energy Healing
    • Healthy Snacks & Refreshments


The Sacred Rose Cacao Ceremony is a beautiful way to connect with the heart-opening and healing properties of cacao, while also honoring the traditions of indigenous cultures that have long revered this plant.

The Divine Feminine Yoga practice will help to cultivate a deep sense of connection to your own body, intuition, and inner wisdom, while also honoring the feminine energy that exists within all of us.

Receive guidance and insight from your own inner knowing through Goddess Messages that tap into the archetypal energies of the divine feminine. 

Learn to regulate the nervous system, quiet the mind, and access deeper states of consciousness through breath-work and receive Light Language that can be a potent way to connect with the energetic frequencies of the universe and communicate on a level beyond words.

Dance and release stuck energy, emotions, and patterns, while also connecting with the primal and elemental aspects of ourselves. Listen for the whispers of wisdom from the Goddess within! This experience is designed to help you connect with your own inner wisdom, power, and grace, and to tap into the transformative power of the divine feminine.