Christmas 2020

Christmas is a time of connection, generosity, kindness and compassion. It can also be a time when a lack of connection or recent loss feels amplified and more real than ever. That is especially true of Christmas 2020. Many are navigating the loss of traditions and family connections that have been a focus of the season for generations of family celebrations. Zoom calls with loved ones have replaced the hugs we so dearly miss.

I have been thinking about traditions and family and connections a lot today. And since it’s Christmas, I thought I would bring through an angel message. It feels like the perfect time of year to talk about angels. You probably have one hanging on your tree or sitting on your mantle right now.

I have been connecting with Archangel Chamuel the past few days. He brings through the energy of compassion and kindness and connection. He wants to reminds us that although our loved ones may not be sharing the same physical space with us, the the love we have for each other knows no boundaries. When you sit in your heart and send them your love, their soul knows and receives it at the deepest level. And if that loved one is no longer with us in this life, their energy and love still remains. It has just shifted and changed form.

He also reminds us that the smallest act of connection and compassion can have a profound affect on others. It ripples out to the field of humanity and like a wave of love, heals and transforms in beautiful ways.

He says that sometimes love is a whisper and sometimes it is thunder. Subtle and soft or loud and brash.  No matter how it arrives, it wraps itself around your heart like a beautiful gift. And if you are feeling alone and searching for connection, know you are never really alone. The love of Creator and your angels and guides is real and you only need to sit quietly and you may hear your soul reminding you that it loves you.

Merry Christmas from Archangel Chamuel & The Subtle Shift.

Sending you Love and Light this holiday season.

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