Change & Self Discovery

The past couple of years have been a time of big change in my life, filled with a lot of self discovery. I have learned so much about myself through all of the ups and downs that come with change. Lately, I have have been thinking about the insights that I have gained through this experience and thought I would share a few should you find yourself going through a similar journey. Our experiences are unique so I don’t expect every point to resonate universally. There are no rules when it comes to how we move through life. But I do hope that you find some of the advice helpful. So here are 14 insights about the journey of change and self discovery:

  1. Lead with your heart and drop the ego. Your mind thinks it knows what you need but your heart and soul know the truth. 
  2. You don’t know everything. Allow yourself to learn without judgement and accept there are new things to discover about yourself. 
  3. Let go of any entitlement… the idea that you deserve something like a specific wage, situation, possession, status or title. You only deserve what you need to reach your highest potential. 
  4. Find your tribe and let them help you. 
  5. Let go of regrets. Acknowledge them and learn from them but don’t look back and dwell on the past. 
  6. Don’t hold on to old definitions of yourself that no longer serve you. It’s okay not to be that person anymore. You can honour the positive ones and forgive the negative ones and let go of them all. 
  7. The person you are truly meant to be may surprise you. Be open to experiences that feel right but may not be something the old you would do. 
  8. Know that change is possible. It will be hard and messy at times but the result is worth the pain. Surrender to the process. 
  9. What scares you now may be something you embrace in the future.  Allow yourself time to ease into it. 
  10. Stand still, meditate, create a practice for yourself. 
  11. There are no rules. Your journey is specific to you. However it helps to be kind to others and yourself along the way. 
  12. You are right where you are supposed to be in this moment. 
  13. You can help people but it is not your job to make them happy. 
  14. The universe is a magical place. Allow yourself to see the signs, symbols and synchronicities. They can help guide your way. 

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