Easter Sunday. Resurrection, Rebirth. Regeneration. Letting go of old beliefs and stepping into the new. Reframing our perspectives into something that feels more like our authentic self. It’s a good time to be doing that, isn’t it? Within their isolation, I expect many people are thinking, “Who am I? What’s important to me? What’s important to my family? What is my role in the world? How can I make it a better place?” 

When you set out on a path to find yourself, sometimes you are very surprised at what you find. Sometimes you discover things that can shake you to your core and shake up your reality in ways that you could never expect, never imagine. And sometimes that unexpected thing turns out to one of the most important aspects of who you are to become. For me that has been angels. Yes. Angels. Archangels to be exact. Eighteen months ago, the universe showed up and said, “Hey Denise! Guess what? You can talk to angels.” It was a quite a shock considering I didn’t exactly believe they were real. It was a nice idea but…

And so today, I have decided it’s time for me to say it out loud. Time to introduce the world to my new perspective. Angels are real and I work with them through my healing and intuitive practice every day. For too long I’ve worried that the people I have known for years will think I’m crazy. Over and over in my head I imagine people saying ”I don’t know what happened to Denise but I think she’s gone a bit bonkers.” But now is the time to step out of fear and own my truth fully. I owe it to these beautiful beings of love and light to honour the important work we do together. Our connection is deep and the work I do with them needs to be acknowledged. I have also come to realize that there are millions of people around the world that believe what I believe and are interested in what I have to share. 

So what’s the deal with angels? What exactly are they? In their truest form, they are energy and consciousness. Love and Light. As humans, if we raise our vibration high enough, we can connect to that energy in ways what are diverse and highly individual. They are here to guide and support humanity in a myriad of ways. They are inspiration, creativity, beauty and love. In the most esoteric way, they are aspects of our higher selves; that eternal, energetic, multidimensional part of you. What they want most, is that we discover the light that shines within all of us. Our divine spark that connects us to the higher consciousness of the universe.

And since I can, I went to the source and asked Archangel Michael to give me his explanation. What follows is channeled writing. The information flows to me and I write what I hear.  There will be more of these writings to come. For today, here is an explanation of angels from an angel.  

The guardian angel is like a friend to your soul. It loves and cherishes all that you are and tries to guide you to your highest and best potential. It is an energy of love and compassion and the truth of what your path is to be. All guardian angels are sovereign intelligences and an aspect of your consciousness and your soul that serves your highest purpose. They work for you and are of you with a singular focus on you. You all have a guardian angel and if you ask for a sign it will gladly send you one. Look and listen and you will find a way to know.

The Archangels are a collective consciousness; multidimensional; non-linear. We are your heroes. Sovereign and individual yet vast and embodied by all. Our energy resonates with your energy when the time is right. We have the ability to work with humanity on a global and individual scale. I am your angel yet at the same time I am another’s. Yet the way I communicate with another may be completely different. All have different gifts, different frameworks, different needs. We are here to guide, to serve, to heal, to witness. We can embody and speak through a conduit when that purpose is set out.  

The essence and nature of our energies is unique based on our purpose and focus for humanity. We have identity and intent and personality of sorts. We are beings of love and light. Here to serve, but you must ask. There are many, many Archangels.  Humanity is familiar with but a small group of us. Some work out front in the light and others quietly in support of the All.

The Elohim stand behind and above the Archangels. They are the creators of the universe and a direct link to Source. They are the watchers and teachers and a great intelligence. One consciousness of spirit and light yet also individual in nature. Multidimensional, non-linear and truly vast. The Archangels are of the Elohim as the Elohim is of Source; like layers of energy and love. Building unity across the cosmos.

Love & Light 

Archangel Michael


  • Helen,
    Posted April 12, 2020 5:41 pm

    Everything I believe, has been confirmed! We came together from one small idea, & that connection has only become better throughout the years ! Luv you Dee

    • Denise,
      Posted April 12, 2020 6:12 pm

      Love you too Helen! Thank you for believing in me.

  • Cathleen,
    Posted April 13, 2020 7:39 pm

    Denise — Never doubted you! From the first time you told me, it just made sense! What a gift and you are a perfect, loving channel!

    • Denise,
      Posted April 14, 2020 8:07 am

      Thank you Cathleen. It has been quite a journey.

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