To empower you to find healing and insight on your journey to discover your truth and the light that shines within. Our goal is to assist you in finding the path to wholeness and authenticity.
Denise Benning

A channel of universal energies, Denise offers a special blend of energy healing, channeling and spiritual intuition to empower those she works with to find healing and insight along the path to wholeness, authentic truth and the light that shines within.  A beautiful healer, she is transformed by the energies she channels and brings a kindness, hope and light to all the work she does.

Denise has been on an intense journey of self-discovery as her gifts have unfolded quickly and unexpectedly. She has a unique perspective on the awakening process and the experiences it can bring to one’s life. Her connection to the conscious collectives of the universe provides wisdom and guidance to the ascension process we are all experiencing.

Denise’s unique combination of modalities and intuitive gifts guide her to bring through exactly what each client needs:

  • Reiki
  • Light Language
  • Angelic Resonance Healing
  • Divine Channeling
  • Past Life Integration
  • Psychic Mediumship
  • Oracle & Tarot Cards

Fun Fact! Denise is an Olympian and competed in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics as a pairs figure skater


Energetic wellness is based on the framework that we are energetic beings. The life-energy that flows through our body is influenced by internal and external forces and life experiences that can shift our energy out of balance. This imbalance can cause stress, anxiety, pain and illness.

Energy healing assists with correcting those imbalances and facilitating a greater sense of emotional, physical and spiritual health and well-being. Energy work such as Reiki and Light Language is also an effective compliment to conventional therapies and treatments and can assist with the recovery process.


Dana, Happy Client

Such beautiful energetic experiences with Denise. I always feel great after a session! Listening to her Light Language is lovely and so relaxing! Her studio has a calm, peaceful energy and I can’t wait to go back each time I leave! I also recently had a distance Reiki/Light Language session, which I really enjoyed as well so if you can’t leave your house or live to far away this is an option for you!

Max, Happy Client

It was a privilege visiting Bobcaygeon to experience The Subtle Shift and it’s stunning property. I am still raving about this unforgettable breakthrough experience. Within a 30 minute session of light language and reiki by Denise, I felt awakened as I experienced a vivid out of body journey into unseen visions, adventures, and past lives. To the light came unsolved mysteries with new found wisdom. My souls process in finding love and forgiveness. Will be back very soon!