A Journey with Cacao

I have recently been called to work with ceremonial Cacao to foster a deeper connection to my spirit and a tool for introspection and self discovery. It has been a beautiful and profound journey for me.

Ceremonial grade cacao or chocolate is made from native whole cacao beans sourced from its native lands in South America. It is cultivated and processed with intention and integrity so the energy and spirit of the plant remains true.

Cacao is served as a warm beverage. When consumed and shared with intention it can be very nourishing for the body and soul and can assist in coming out of your head and into your heart. It helps your body and mind become more receptive and open to all forms of meditation, connection and creativity. It is not psychoactive in any way. and safe for everyone.

Working personally with Cacao can bring a sense of ceremony to your day. The simple act of preparing a cup of chocolate and then sitting quietly with yourself to set intentions, journal or meditate can be very healing. You often feel energized and motivated after with a renewed sense of clarity and focus. It is a great counterpart, not just with meditation, but also with dancing, singing, writing, yoga or even connecting with a friend or romantic partner.

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Cacao is also a beautiful connector of community. I have started to facilitate Cacao Ceremonies which are gatherings where the cacao is shared as a group with the intention to foster a deeper connection to themselves, the spirit of the cacao and others. It can be a very healing experience where we are asked “What does your heart want you to know?”  The energy shared during the ceremony assists with self discovery, emotional release and introspection. Those participating are able to share in a safe and sacred space with the support of those gathered.

If you are interested in finding out more about private group Cacao Ceremonies I invite you to visit my Private Group Experiences page. I will also be hosting ceremonies at my property Ravenswood from time to time, so stay tuned to my newsletter for updates.

One of my gifts is my ability to connect to the energy and consciousness of the Spirit of Cacao. As I was developing the flow of my Cacao Ceremony I asked her, “What do you want our hearts to know?” This is what I channeled…

Know that your heart is love and that it is light and there is no turning away from this. It is a fact, a truth of your being and you cannot hide from this. It is a vehicle of love, unconditional, steeped in truth of what is and what has been and what is now. We bring joy to your life. We bring light to the shadows. We hold your worth in the energies of your heart. Do not turn away from this light, from this illumination of love. It has been here since the moment your soul came to be. And it shall always be there for its infinite journey of being, of knowing, of wanting to learn, expand and grow.

May you be filled with the Light, Love and Wisdom of your soul.

Peace Be


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