7 Keys to Love

What would a key unlock if it is connected to love? Perhaps it is a door that opens to new opportunities for joy. Maybe it is a box holding something ready to be set free. It might unlock secret codes that expand your capacity to accept love, to find love, to believe in love. There are so many layers and aspects to love. 

And what is love? It is the energy that makes us feel whole. It is the energy that makes us feel connected to something, whether it is to ourselves or to others. It is a connection to what we might even consider home, whether it’s a physical place or a state of being.

Let’s look at seven keys to unlocking love within us. And why seven? Seven is the number of transformation, the number of your key chakras. Lucky number seven. I like seven. It feels like the perfect number for this journey.

The first key to love is acceptance. If we cannot accept the love of self, accept love from others, accept that we have the capacity to love, it is hard to start on any kind of journey of love. And as we rise from that acceptance, as we sit in a place of self-love and self-worth, we can expand our horizons to new opportunities and new possibilities of love. 

Presence is the next key to love. To find love we must be present, in this now moment, without any expectations of what love should or shouldn’t be. We need to have presence so we can see the possibilities of love and understand the energy around us and recognize it as love. 

And if we have acceptance and presence, what flows from there? Gratitude. For us to appreciate what we have and see the love around us, we have to have gratitude that we are here, in the now, ready and open to accept the gifts that are flowing to us. And as the gifts of love arrive, we embrace them and welcome them with a sense of gratitude and awareness that they have been received. 

If you move through this world with the energy of gratitude, so much possibility opens up for you. You enter a state of worthiness, with a knowing that you deserve to be loved, that you have a natural right to be loved. You understand that there are so many forms and layers of love that can flow into your heart, into your being, and into your awareness. You can trust that this love is for you and you alone to place in your heart and then share in whatever way feels right. 

After gratitude comes forgiveness. This is a tough one for many and it can be a significant block to love. And of course, the place that we need to start first is with ourselves. We can be very hard on each other but we are hardest on ourselves. Forgiving yourself can be a difficult path. It can be tough to accept that you don’t have to be perfect and it is okay to make mistakes. 

We are all perfectly imperfect because this is the place that our soul learns best. When we make mistakes, have regrets for our actions and need forgiveness for what we have done to ourselves or others, our soul has the opportunity to expand and grow and learn. If we can find forgiveness through acceptance and gratitude, be present and not sit in the past with regret, we can step into our light, out of our shadows, and embrace the wondrous, beautiful energies of love. 

What else do we need to unlock the mysteries of love? Surrender. It is similar to acceptance but it runs a little deeper. It takes a real leap of faith to just close your eyes, take a deep breath and release all the beliefs you hold about love – your ability to love, your capacity to love, your needs and desires, and the expectations that it should be this way and not that way. To really step into love you need to let go of it all. So surrender and embrace the magic and energy that your soul knows you need. Let it flow into your life. Surrender, let go and fall back into the arms of love.

From a place of surrender, we can begin to find our divinity. And what does that mean? Well, I would say that divinity is love. One of the greatest things we can discover within ourselves is that we are all divine love. If you can embrace the truth that we are all a spark of God and so much more than our human form, there will be a light that wraps itself around you and pours forth from you that is of God and of Source and never-ending. It is full of joy and wisdom and truth. Shining bright like the unique star you are in this universe. To sit in divine love is beyond words. And when you find it, you’ll know that you found it. There is a truth and a knowing and to coming home to yourself that is everything.

And finally, where does this lead us? To authenticity, the truth of you. It is the wisdom and the knowing of who you truly are. You understand the love that is within you and you are ready to express it. You are in a place of confidence and self-awareness where you are ready to share the authentic you with someone special. Even if that someone is simply you. 

Love is meant to be shared in so many different ways. Whether it be through a partnership, friendship, intimacy, self-acceptance, community or spirituality, all of it should be the truth of you. From a place of authenticity, love shines brightest. There are no more veils, no more masks. You just burst forth like a beautiful, divine human – the sovereign being of you, the true energetic version of you, the you who walks in truth. And within that truth, so much love flows to you and from you. What a glorious, beautiful place to be. It’s where we all want to be. That’s the path of Love. 

So enjoy the journey, gather up those keys and see what they unlock within you. So many gifts, so much to discover and so much to share when you find it. 

Here is a light language transmission to assist with awakening these keys within us.

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