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Welcome to Your Path

Finding balance through energetic wellness

Reiki, Light Language & Angels

Hi! I am Denise. Welcome to The Subtle Shift. My mission is to empower you to find healing and insight on your path to wholeness and authenticity through energetic wellness. This includes reiki, light language, angel messages and intuitive services. I would be honoured to take you on a journey with your Soul.

About Us

Our Studio in the Woods

Just 15 minutes outside of Bobcaygeon, the rustic and cozy log cabin studio has special energy and provides a unique experience.

Who Is Denise?

Denise Benning is an energy healer, divine channel, and intuitive dedicated to guiding individuals on a journey of self-discovery and soul connection. At the core of her practice lies a belief in the transformative power of our multidimensionality, serving as a potent pathway to healing. Specializing in light language and reiki and with a deep connection to the Archangels and Divine Masters, Denise facilitates transformative experiences aimed at unlocking inner wisdom and fostering spiritual growth. Her goal is to empower those she works with to find healing and insight along the path to wholeness, authenticity and the light that shines within.  A beautiful healer, she is transformed by the energies she channels and brings a kindness, hope and light to all the work she does.

With a deep reverence for the healing energy of nature, Denise offers her transformative healing sessions and hosts spiritual events at her rustic retreat in the woods. This sanctuary provides a haven for those seeking inner peace and renewal, allowing individuals to reconnect with their true selves amidst the tranquility of the natural world. The beautiful Ravenswood property is located in Trent Lakes and the Kawarthas. Just 15 minutes outside of Bobcaygeon, her rustic and cozy log cabin studio has special energy and provides a unique experience.  Distance sessions are also available via video chat.

Beyond her spiritual journey, Denise boasts a unique background as an Olympian, proudly representing Canada in the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics in pairs figure skating. This experience instilled in her a sense of discipline, perseverance, and the importance of channeling one’s energy towards self-mastery.

Through her diverse experiences and unwavering dedication, Denise empowers others to embark on a journey of personal growth, spiritual enlightenment and healing.



For anyone looking to get away rejuvenate, relax and unplug from The Crazy Every Day…. I can’t recommend this little gem enough… You are surrounded by nature and just pure peace and tranquility. I feel so blessed to have spent time with this beautiful soul. .. Thank You Denise for a life changing experience.


If you are stuck on your healing path… trust your inner knowing that you have landed at this page for a reason and let yourself experience healing on a deep and profound level with Denise as your guide.


Wow. I have been and travelled to many places in the world and I can honestly say that this place is magical. It has a very beautiful energy and was a very healing space for me at a time when I needed it.


The best Airbnb I have ever stayed at! Magical and spiritual energy. Denise is so pleasant; kind, caring, and this all shows in her love for the cabin and her work. I also recommend Denise’s reiki / light language session. It changed my life!


Recently I had the honor to meet Denise and and the blessing to have Denise work her magic on me. To put my experience with Denise in words is quite difficult. To say the least. She is otherworldly, talented, powerful, intuitive and highly aligned with her higher self. She is such a beautiful soul.  My experience with her was everything I needed, and she was beyond on point. She is absolutely in tune.


Thank you for your warm welcome to the Soul Path Circle that left feelings of openness, clarity, and inspiration. If your curious come experience this supportive open circle yourself, you won’t be disappointed!


The setting was perfect for meditation, connecting to nature, and grounding. Denise was very welcoming and knowledgeable about energy and angels. Circle time was enjoyable, relaxing and educational.


I highly recommend Denise’s very unique healing sessions. The tranquil atmosphere, the energy techniques for re-balancing, along with Denise’s caring attitude, make for a wonderful healing experience.

Dana, Happy Client

Such beautiful energetic experiences with Denise. I always feel great after a session! Listening to her Light Language is lovely and so relaxing! Her studio has a calm, peaceful energy and I can’t wait to go back each time I leave! I also recently had a distance Reiki/Light Language session, which I really enjoyed as well so if you can’t leave your house or live to far away this is an option for you!


It was a privilege visiting Bobcaygeon to experience The Subtle Shift and it’s stunning property. I am still raving about this unforgettable breakthrough experience. Within a 30 minute session of light language and reiki by Denise, I felt awakened as I experienced a vivid out of body journey into unseen visions, adventures, and past lives. To the light came unsolved mysteries with new found wisdom. My souls process in finding love and forgiveness. Will be back very soon!

If you appreciate the work we do here, donations are always appreciated.